About Kim

Medford is a special place with neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and people I care about. I am proud to carry on its long history of sending leaders with a vision to Salem. Even when it's difficult, I aim to build relationships (even with those with widely different views) and collaborate to reach results, not gridlock.

Our state is facing challenging issues: mounting PERS expenses and home prices that are out of reach. The fires of September 2020 show more than ever how we need to continue to address the underlying issues that lead to choking forest fire smoke. It destroys our environment and wastes our precious natural resources. We also continue to suffer the effects of COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns. While we work toward recovery, some of our biggest industries are still limited or shut down entirely, including theatres & the arts, hospitality, and agriculture. It is going to take excellent leadership to navigate our way back to a robust economy.

My husband and I chose as our home Medford 34 years ago. We raised our family here, and our grown children make their homes here. We are passionate about continuing to make this an even better place. My love for Medford has inspired me to volunteer for youth programs, 4-H, Parent Teacher Organizations, the Medford School Board, and the Medford City Council.

Kim and Jim Wallan